In total about customer service software

Difficult technical tools get into the life of ordinary people and ordinary business. Customer service software densely is associated with service and the equipment or performers of the project (for example, development and further service of the website) which helps users to adjust and operate correctly a difficult product and also to quickly fix the arising problems. Is it true? What in general technical support is engaged in? How is it connected with the sales of the company? Who needs to think of organization and many other things?
Technical support functions
Technical support is, actually, the instrument of aftersales service if it is provided. Users contact to employees or after the purchase of the equipment or service, or upon completion of the project — it can be the creation of software solution, website or even introduction of the whole infrastructure — for example, the complex system of video surveillance. It can be either cloud or desktop solution.
The problem of support is to accept requests of clients which have problems, to fix them and to solve (at the time of the request or after — according to the Agreement on service level — SLA). Sometimes for a solution of the problem of the client, the answer to a question suffices, and it is required to transfer the application in other cases to the profile expert who will understand a problem, will offer the developed explanation and will return working capacity to the decision.
Any request from experts of support is required to restore work of the server infrastructure or services in the shortest possible time for what mechanisms of management of incidents are used. The formal definition of a concept is as soon as possible and provides the agreement on service level mentioned above — SLA which support tries to observe or even to surpass.
Besides communication with clients, support realizes important function of receiving feedback from users (usually it is done by agents or the first line of support), i.e. provides with information department of development of business — gives offers on change of the existing parameters of a product, service or the project and also on addition of new functions and options.

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