Off-Page Optimization – How it impacts ranking

Off page optimization is one of the Best LinkHelpers SEO Scottsdale strategies which is part of search engine optimization – it plays an important role in getting good listings in search results.

What is included in Off-Page Optimization?

Anchor Text Links: Search engines zoom in on text in inbound links of a webpage and a number of other factors to determine the content of a particular page.  Search engine algorithms analyze anchor text links regularly to ensure that a site gets its ranking based on good content and proper keywords.

Written and Submitted articles: Relevant articles are by far the best way to drive traffic to a particular website. Links are included within articles so that users go to related websites.  This kind of marketing encourages people to go to new sites naturally and help search engines build up the presence of various sites.

Directory submissions of articles: SEO companies make sure that site addresses are submitted to different directories which show up in different searches.  These links will help in strengthening the popularity of a site as well as establishing a solid web presence.

Social bookmarks: SEO companies also ensure that sites are highlighted on various social marketing sites so that these listings are available to different search engines.  Social links help to get votes of confidence for websites and help in improving search engine rankings.

Delivering content through blogs: LinkHelpers SEO Scottsdale companies ensure that they get the best and most relevant content to benefit visitors and get good visibility with search engines. Content is written with built in SEO features so that companies and their websites gain from every new page added on.  News content for all websites are tailored based on specific industry niches so that it is unbiased and offers up to date information.

Blog Comments: Commenting on blogs is another way to drive traffic to specific sites.  Many companies include back links to their site as well increase audience exposure to different issues.  Consumers are very keen to deal with companies which are interested in sharing information and interacting directly with their audience.

Press Releases: Well written and SEO optimized press releases are highly beneficial as part of an SEO campaign as they would include links to a website and the best and most relevant keywords.

Forum Posts: Active participation on different forums is another way to get visibility for websites.  There are different forums which are great media for marketing one’s business.  The more active a discussion, the more traffic one can direct to the website!

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