Specifications of a Good cctv camera

This article is not a scientific work and not a personal opinion on the topic of digital CCTV, but an attempt to establish some benchmarks in the rapidly growing market of video surveillance. It’s just a small allowance that can make your life a little easier

Time does not stand still, fortunately for some and unfortunately for others. Already fifteen years have passed since the first devices for digital video recording for security purposes appeared. Let’s try to put things in order in terminology and develop simple rules that will help us not make a mistake in choosing a video surveillance system.


Now we are considering what is usually combined under the concept of digital video surveillance systems (CCTV) or in foreign terminology DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Unlike foreigners, we are talking about surveillance systems, and not registration, meaning that any CCRS has the function of recording (registration). Abroad there is a variety of terminology, but, of course, the most common facts about the good cctv camera installation are the following:

DVR – basically, this abbreviation is understood as PC- and non-PC-devices; in the first case, the term “DVR card” is more often used, meaning boards as a component for building a PC system.

IP-video is a system built on the basis of IP- or LAN-cameras or servers (converters). This definition does not reflect the moment of the presence / absence of such options as the recording software, although, by default, it is usually believed that this and some other options in the system are there.

Despite the fact that all three categories, the first two are presented in dozens, if not hundreds of systems and sistemoksistemisch third as soon catches up with the first two 3by the number of manufacturers, the models offered and the opportunities they provide. The choice is not just great, it’s huge. it is best to choose what is close to you, known and accessible by your wallet. After all, the quality of different systems for prices is comparable and will only continue to converge – this is the law of the market. However, although with the brands everything is quite simple, there is still a question of choosing a category of equipment. Here it is already possible to give clear and very specific advice.

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