The Right Software Download for the Right Software

The downloads are sometimes too long a handicap, we all dream of being able to download our files, movies, games … without having to wait for hours, or even watch videos online without loading.

Is this possible?

Certainly, we all know that the speed of the Internet connection varies from one country to another, but in a given country and for a given speed, are downloads at their maximum possible speed? If not, can we increase the download speed to save our time?

The answer is yes! There are several ways to increase the speed of its download and this article will list a few.Now let us have a look about software download.

  1. Increase download speed is possible, but how?

Here are some tips to increase the speed of download; they can be applied as well on computer as on tablet or even on mobile phone:

Close all pages and applications that use your internet connection, especially those that consume the most Internet speeds like Youtube, Dailymotion, streaming sites…

Reduce the number of downloads launched at a time, because when we launch several downloads at the same time, our internet speed is shared between them which makes the waiting time even longer before the end. It is better not to put several downloads at the same time so that there are at least a few that end quickly.Scan your computer or mobile because viruses and some harmful applications often slow down your internet connection.Check that your browser is up to date and not damaged. It is also necessary to monitor the extensions you download because some of them slow down your internet connection. Refurbished HP Proliant Servers

  1. How to increase download speed with software?
  • There are several software specialized in the management of downloads and in accelerating their speed, to enjoy it you need:
  • Download or buy this software: some software is free and downloadable on the internet, others are paid and offer free trial versions on the internet.
  • Install the software on your computer and check that no firewall or antivirus is blocking its access to the network.
  • Start the software. It is also possible to configure the software so that it automatically starts opening Windows on a computer.
  1. What is IDM?

IDM is the abbreviation for software named Internet Download Manager, software specialized in managing and accelerating the speed of downloads, like Flashget and uTorrent, it can download all types of files whatever their size in a more convenient but also more efficient way than a web browser. It has several advantages:

  • It makes the download time shorter.
  • It makes it possible to schedule downloads so that they can start and / or stop automatically in due time.
  • It works with the majority of web browsers and supports download launched in these automatically.

It also offers a function for capturing audio or video files from a website.Moreover, via the download window, it is possible to consult all the details concerning the downloads present on the software (size, percentage) but also the remaining time for the download to finish, estimated according to the speed of the download.


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