The True Worth of the Scrap Metals for You

The operations of metal cutting into blanks, the identification of these blanks, and the consumption of metal according to technological documents for a specific part according to the standard are issued using an application card for obtaining blanks. The cost of blanks for this document and should be reflected in the cost of production. For the famous for used scrap metals this is the perfect option now.

The authorized employee of the workshop, who needs blanks (this is usually the master and technologists of the mechanical, assembly, welding, experimental workshops), writes out an application card for obtaining blanks. Shop-shop specifies:

  • The purpose of the work piece (the code of products, which will include the finished part)
  • Identification data of the part (name, decimal drawing number)

The number of required blanks

The data on the final size of the work piece and the size of the work piece with an allowance (consumption rate) are technical documentation data worked out by the chief process engineer department; therefore, they are automatically entered into the application card or entered by the customer from the technical documentation manually.


The master of the customer shop, the head of the blank department only controls such parameters as the finishing size of the work piece, the size of the work piece with an allowance. They should not be directly responsible for the rate of consumption – just for the fact.

Data on the actual consumption is filled by the master or the technologist of the blank department on the basis of the metal actually consumed. Ideally, the “Size of work piece with allowance” and “Actual consumption” columns should not differ (see the example of the application card below). This is the case with a circle, pipe, channel bars – metal consumed by the meter. With reputable signage company in Singapore now you will be able to have the best detail for you.

If cutting the work piece is made from a sheet, then at the same time with the part can form pieces suitable for cutting smaller parts – business waste and much smaller, not suitable for use – scrap metal. To judge whether there was such waste or not, a place for a sketch is provided in the application card. Data on the amount of generated business waste and scrap metal is also indicated in this source document and put on arrival.

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